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gamestravelliThe Classic Car Bingo Travel Game – Bingo is a classic game that many people love. It’s surprisingly challenging and addictive. Kids love bingo and it helps to teach them patience, as well as numbers, letters, or whatever is on the cards that they have to cover. Bingo can easily be adapted to play on the go, and kids of all ages will love playing. Be prepared with a small bag full of goodies to hand out as prizes to the winners. You may be able to play several games with your children as long as you can hold their attention. If one of your kids doesn’t win anything, make sure they get a prize for being a good sport; this will help teach them good sportsmanship and keep them from feeling bad about themselves.

Many stores offer bingo games to play in the car. These games come with several brightly colored boards that have pictures of road signs, trees, cows, and other things you might see while on the road. Whenever your kid comes across something that is on their board all they have to do is slide a little red tab to cover it up. The first one to get bingo wins a prize! The advantage of this version of bingo is that everything is on the board so you don’t have to worry about little pieces disappearing forever into your floorboards. This version is also very affordable.

The classic bingo game that uses numbers is also available in a travel version. All of the numbers are in windows that slide shut when the number is called. This version is affordable and comes with several game cards and a deck of cards to call the numbers. This is a good version for older kids, but younger ones who don’t know their numbers would probably need a picture version.

You can also make your own bingo cards if you want to. Just make a grid and fill it in with words and pictures of things you’ll see during your trip. You can get as fancy or as simple as you would like; your kids won’t mind if it’s not perfect so long as you’re playing with them! If you don’t want to make the bingo boards yourself but can’t find them to buy, you can go online and print out boards that are ready made. If you use little pieces to cover the pictures on the board, you run into the risk of the pieces vanishing or falling off if you make a turn or sudden stop.

A crayon is a great way to mark these bingo cards if you don’t mind them being used only once; it avoids the issue of small pieces and you can always print as many as you think you might need during your trip. Once the game is over, your kids can finish coloring in all the blocks and stay busy for a few minutes longer.

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