Healing Through Ear Candling – Master Resale Rights eBook

healing through ear candling

Ear Candling is a process that goes back as far as biblical times, when hollow reeds from swamp regions were used as candles. It has been passed down for numerous generations by the North and South American natives, in addition to the Egyptian, African, Oriental and European cultures.

The procedure had been essentially lost for many years, but has come back into practice once again and is now being utilized by a wide assortment of individuals.

Table of Contents:

  • Chapter 1: What Is Ear Candling
  • Chapter 2: How Is Ear Candling Supposed To Work
  • Chapter 3: About Sinus Problems And Issues With The Ear
  • Chapter 4: About Sore Throats And Ear Problems
  • Chapter 5: Ear Candling And Spirituality
  • Chapter 6: How To Do Ear Candling
  • Chapter 7: What The Doctors Say
  • Chapter 8: Other Natural Ways Of Cleaning The Ear

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