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motivational handbook

Motivation is what drives you into achieving goals in life. Without it, any task you will perform will feel dry and empty.

It can make you achieve things which you normally cannot. It is like the fuel that keeps a fire burning.

In this ebook, you will find a collection of some of the most effective ways to regain lost motivation. It also has useful tips on how to maintain motivation while it is present.

These tips will be very useful during tough times. You can consult them when you feel discouraged and unmotivated or you can read through them during your free times to prepare you for the future.

What’s exactly inside this guide:

  • 101 powerful tips on motivation. Easy to read. Easy to implement
  • Why getting a coach or mentor will drive you to succeed faster and better.
  • How to stop negative thoughts so you don’t end up in a slump.
  • Rewarding yourself to stay motivated.
  • How to reach your goals by having a “goal buddy”.
  • How to take on challenges to help you succeed.
  • How to build momentum and stay adrift.
  • + much, much more!

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