Zoom Master – Video Upgrade

The coronavirus pandemic has led to a significant rise in the use of video conferencing platforms, and in particular the Zoom platform.

Zoom Master - Video Upgrade

Zoom was popular with businesses before the pandemic and it is sure to be even more popular afterwards.

In this guide you will learn exactly what Zoom is and what it has to offer, as well as how you can use it effectively in your business. You will find all of the most important setup and configuration details.

You will also find a number of proven tactics in this guide to increase engagement. There are some great personal strategies you can use as well as the Zoom built-in features.

Topics covered:

  • What Is Zoom?
  • Why You Need to Use Zoom in Your Business
  • Getting Started with Zoom
  • Zoom Tips and Tricks
  • The Power of Zoom Webinars
  • Setting Up and Scheduling Your Zoom Webinars
  • Personal Strategies for Increasing Engagement with Zoom
  • Things to Do in Zoom Meetings to Increase Engagement
  • Zoom for Business Best Practices

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