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Imagine if you didn’t have to do another business task you hate ever again! Hiring A Virtual Assistant Can Do JUST That!


If you are a sole proprietor, then you probably have a full plate of daily tasks and duties that allow your business to simply exist. Without these (often) mundane tasks, your business couldn’t function on a day to day basis.

The problem is so many of us are stuck working IN our business, we don’t have the time or energy to work ON our business. That isn’t sustainable. That is not scalable.

Would you rather direct your energy towards sustaining your current business, or towards activities that directly grow your business/revenues?

If you find that you are spending too much time on the above tasks (or similar ones) then it might be time to look into the power that hiring a Virtual Assistant provides!

This course will break down the reasons you should consider hiring one, as well as the steps to take to start hiring a Virtual Assistant as soon as possible…

Topics include...

  • Introduction
  • What you can expect form a ‘virtual’ relationship
  • Hiring a VA – Why?
  • What a VA can do for your business
  • What a VA can do for your personal life
  • The benefits of a VA
  • Preparing to hire a VA
  • How to post a job description for a VA
  • How to hire a VA
  • The interview
  • Negotiating pay
  • Best practices working with a VA
  • Final thoughts

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