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Press Play – Video Marketing For The Modern World. By 2017, video will make up almost 70 percent of all internet traffic by Consumers!


In the golden era of marketing, new technology gives marketers and businesses more marketing channels. And the current king of marketing is video. With amazing advancement in camera technology, video formats, cloud infrastructure and free resources, video has been more available to everyone.

Video Marketing is using the power of video to communicate your message. Whether you are a blogger, a non-profit, a local service business, a Fortune 500 company or an Internet Marketer, now you can use all of the persuasion techniques that have previously only been available to the largest advertisers in the world buying television commercials.

Video uses all of the senses. Newspaper, radio, podcasting, and direct email all have their place in the marketing spectrum. But only video brings you the full advantage of sight, sound, motion, color and emotion in a potent mix that can move your business forward like you never imagined.

The key is to focus on your target audience. Always develop content that helps them answer questions, solve problems or be entertained. Everthing flows from the one objective of helping a specific target audience.

This amazing report will give you the exciting changes in the video revolution. Below are some of the information that you will learn:

  • Chapter 1: Types of Video Content
  • Chapter 2: Cameras and Software
  • Chapter 3: Production and Editing
  • Chapter 4: Uploading and Promotion

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