Link and Expand Your Biz New Version – Training eBook

Are You Taking Advantage Of The Most Trusted Social Network On The Web! If You Are Ignoring LinkedIn, Then You MUST Read This!

link expand your biz new

LinkedIn at one time was regarded as a stuffy site. One that was only good for seasoned businesses!

Well not anymore…all of that has changed with the emergence of a brand new updated look to LinkedIn.

This facelift is more than just a new design.

Some of the old features have been replaced with newer ones like LinkedIn endorsement! Which is becoming a fast and interactive way to remind your network that you are still around and active on LinkedIn.

Want to discover what all the new and exciting features are?

This 35 page report includes screen shots to help you set up and navigate your LinkedIn account.

Topics Include:

  • The New and Improved LinkedIn
  • Get Connected with LinkedIn
  • Setting Up Your Profile Page
  • Customizing Your Profile URL
  • Profile Settings
  • Your Home Page
  • Skills and Expertise
  • How to Use LinkedIn Effectively
  • LinkedIn Today
  • How Does LinkedIn Today Choose What Content to Display
  • And so much more…

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