Tangible Profits Blueprint

tangibleprofitsblDid you know that promoting digital profits as an affiliate is NOT NECESSARILY the most profitable means of building an affiliate income? Many smart marketers are making a SUBSTANTIAL income promoting physical products.

Physical products are far less likely to be the subject of refund requests (because, in nearly all cases, the CUSTOMER must pay the return postage and handling or shipping costs if they wish to return a product. That tends to put a lot of people off ever asking for a refund.)

On the other hand, most marketers know that with DIGITALLY delivered products, you need to factor in a certain percentage for refunds (which is usually far higher than you get with physical products) as some people will request a refund no matter HOW good the product actually is… that was their intention from the outset. PLUS they know they won’t even have to return it!

This brand new report will show you exactly how to profit from physical products without having the headaches of stock control, shipping and customer support.

Here’s a BRIEF outline of what you will discover in this exciting new report:

  • Why tangible affiliate products actually make you MORE money. (Page 10)
  • The three critical things to look for in any niche market (Page 14)
  • Why it’s best to sign-up to affiliate NETWORKS rather than individual merchant’s affiliate programs. (Page 18)
  • How to select the best merchants to promote (Page 21)
  • The best free software to setup your affiliate site with (Page 27)
  • Different ways to generate content for your site (Page 30)

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