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building better business blog

Don’t Get Left Behind… Start A Blog For Your Business Today

Blogs have been growing in popularity year after year and they have never been more powerful and influential than they are today. A blog allows anyone to connect with their audience on an ongoing basis and maintain a relationship.

The problem for most business owners is that they do not have a customizable website and adding a blog would be more time, effort and energy than they could ever afford to invest… until now!

There is a blogging platform that has been designed with busy business owners in mind. The platform is called WordPress and not only is it free, easy to use, customizable and user friendly, it is also the most widely used blogging technology on the Internet today

Building a Better Business Blog is a cutting edge course that ANYONE can use to learn the basics of blogging and WordPress technology and translate that knowledge very quickly into a marketable, revenue generating skill!

In this program you will go from absolutely ZERO knowledge about blogging to a confident and capable business blogger using the powerful WordPress platform. If you can dedicate a few short hours to this powerful course, you will be miles ahead of the competition and ready to separate yourself from the pack.

What do you get?

This is a very comprehensive course designed to get you up and running extremely quickly. The course is delivered in both ebook and video format.

The ebook and video series cover ten critical lessons:

  1. Signing up for your Blog
  2. Blog Settings
  3. Your blogging profile
  4. Your blog theme and layout
  5. Customizing the look of your blog
  6. Adding customizable widgets to your blog
  7. Building blog pages
  8. Customizing a blog page
  9. Creating a contact page
  10. Writing blog content

This course cuts through all of the noise and gives you 10 very clean and very specific lessons that will help your business get up and running in the blogging world in less than a day.

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