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night two visitors

This inspiring story by Paul McDonald is perfect for the Christmas season. If you’re looking for a book that you can read with your child sitting on your lap, this is the perfect story to tell.

“Night of Two Visitors” is written in classic Christmas style. It’s a story about families, the difficulties of life, dealing with sickness, and the spirit of Christmas. Matter what your personal history is, you’ll enjoy this heartwarming story of Emily and the difficulty she had with being ill during Christmas time.

Your child’s ears will perk up when he hears about the Christmas preparations, the perfect Christmas tree, and all the members of the family getting together for special time.

But all is not well, and there’s danger lurking around the corner.

At the very last moment one visitor arrives. He feels the pain of the family, and his heart aches for the young girl Emily, whom he is unable to help himself.

He enlists the help of a special friend, who is the second visitor. This second visitor in is indeed the one who can solve the problem and bring health and healing to a needy family.

Even with all the hustle and bustle around Christmas season, children may be closer to the truth than their parents. “The Night of the Two Visitors” is a wonderful story that will give you a chance to discuss the true meaning of Christmas and will be a Christmas story that your children cherish for years to come.

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