Gaining Weight 101

gainingweight101Tired of being the Skinny Guy? Discover The Secrets To Gain Weight And Muscle!

I’ve heard your story a thousand times before.  You’re the guy who can’t gain weight no matter how hard you try.  You’ve bought the powders, the pills and the magazines and you’re still as scrawny as ever.  You tried going to the gym, but the looks people gave you made you want to get smaller…small enough to fade away into the woodwork and disappear.  You are tired of being shot down by the women you ask on a date (on the rare occasions you got up enough nerve to ask).  You’re tired of being skinny.  You’re tired of being weak.  You are tired of sitting home alone on a Saturday night.

Or maybe you’re married and even though your wife never says so, you feel like she’s not physically attracted to you.  You know that your sex life isn’t anywhere near as fulfilling as it should be for either of you.  It is difficult to get romantic when you know your body isn’t sexually attractive.

You are embarrassed to take your shirt off at the beach because you don’t want anyone to see your spaghetti arms and concave chest.  You are tired of having the body of a little boy and want to start looking and feeling more like a man.  You want women to notice you when you walk by; you want men to respect you and children to look up to you.

Even if you didn’t care what other people think of you (if that were possible) you would still have to deal with the fact that your body isn’t as healthy as it should be.  People begin to lose muscle as they get older and that is a scary prospect for your future.  Your muscles protect your bones, so without enough muscle when you are older you will subject to broken bones anytime you fall and it will take a long time to heal.  Imagine yourself in and out of the hospital and spending months at a time in casts.

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