Media Buying Secrets

Discover An Untapped Traffic Source That Is Being Used By Big Time Marketers And How It Can Skyrocket Your Traffic And Sales Overnight! The Traffic Generation Strategy That’s Right In Front Of You But Have Been Massively Underutilized!


Are you spending a lot of time and money on different traffic sources but nothing has been working so far? It’s not as simple as setting up a site, and trying to write articles and blog posts hoping to rank well in Google.

Why you should use Media Buying:

  • Cheap – Usually you’re charged on a monthly basis. Which means a $100 banner ad will be shown throughout the month which is much cheaper than getting a couple of clicks using PPC.
  • Independent – You don’t have to rely on a third party site such as Google or Facebook. You can go directly to the website or blog owner and negotiate a deal with them.
  • There’s no limit – You are literally spoilt for choice when it comes to banner ads. There are so many sites for you to choose from, no matter which niche you’re in.
  • It’s one of the best and oldest way of getting traffic to your site and it’s here to stay. So why don’t you take advantage of it.

What You Will Learn In This Course:

  • How to craft your free offer – How to create the perfect offer to get the most of your ads. If it’s done right, it’s even better than SEO or PPC itself.
  • How to create your banner ad – Where to get the best designers to create a compelling banner ad that’s going to bring traffic that will crush your servers.
  • Where to find potential media buying spots – A marketplace where you get look for the best site that has banner ads spots.
  • How to negotiate to buy media – How to get the good banner ad spots for the best rates. It’s all about the art of negotiation.
  • Track and monitor your conversions – The only you will know whether your banner ads are bring in sufficient traffic or you’re just wasting your money. If you don’t do this, it’ll be a huge blunder in your media buying campaign.
  • And much, much more!

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