Clickbank Multi Product Manager

Unlock The Full Potential Of ClickBank & Manage Multiple ClickBank™ Products With a Single ClickBank™ Account!


Clickbank allows you to sell about 500 items in one account and they allow you to add only one landing page for your affiliates.

You can have several thank you pages, and sales letters for each product but ONLY one ClickBank® affiliate link (hoplink) which looks like this:

Now, if you wanted to have affiliates promote your products you would have to add all your products to ONE landing page, or to register for additional Clickbank accounts for every new product you add to your product line (about $50 for every new account)…

This is a big error on ClickBank’s part because affiliates can’t send you targeted traffic to a page full of different products…

For example, if you want to promote 3 products with affiliate partners, then you have to create 3 Clickbank accounts for each product and provide affiliate links individually.


Using “Clickbank Multi-Product-Manager” Script, you will be able to create any number of affiliate links that can be used in a Single ClickBank Account.

Here is how the new system works:



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