My Keyword Crook

Save Time Building Keyword Lists for your Next Niche Website By Leveraging The Effort Of Your Competitors – Without Spending a Dime!


Discover The Fortune That Lies Hidden in The Massive Piles of Keywords on the Internet — Yours FREE For The Taking Without Permission or Paying a Dime in Fees…

Think about it! A Software Program that instantly draws in thousands of keyword phrases that some poor soul has spent hours if not days researching and gathering together . Then, as if by magic it spits out the unwanted parts and leaves you with exactly what you want. A Massive list of Highly Targeted Keyword Phrases, ready to be used for profit.

What’s Involved in using this?

Pretty Simple —

1. Find or Come Across a Large Keyword Page Site

2. Place the URL into Keyword Swipe

3. Hit GO and watch it Spider in all its Pages

4. Hit Extract and Wala.. You have a Goldmine of Keyword Phrases!

Remember.. there are thousands of people fighting to get the top position on the search engines, everyone wants a piece of the pie and having any tool that can give you the edge online is worth investigating.

Price: Free Download
Product Type: Free Software
License: Master Resale Rights
Date Added: May 10, 2012
File Size: 2.7MB
Category: Software and Applications