Web Traffic Spreader

Here’s An Easy Way To Reduce The Risks Associated With Buying Online Advertising, By Sharing Costs With Other Webmasters

web traffic spreader

How can you reduce the cost – and risk – of advertising online? It’s simple – find other webmasters selling something similar and then split the cost of the advertising with them.

A hundred dollars split between five people is just $20 each – and while this does mean splitting the profits, it also means splitting the risk too. This means you can try more advertising offers, to find ones that work best for you and your partners.

All you need to apply this strategy is an easy way to split the resulting traffic between your website and those of your partners. That’s where Web Traffic Spreader comes in.

It’s a simple script that sends visitors to a web address chosen from a set of web addresses that you specify. It doesn’t matter if you have one partner or twenty. The script will equally split the visitors between all the websites.

  • Quick And Easy Solution
  • Creates A ‘Traffic Spreading’ Script and ‘Partner Tracking’ Page
  • Install On An Unlimited Number Of Sites
  • Full Master Resale Rights Included
  • Comes Complete With Turnkey Minisite and Graphics, Sales Letter, Download Page, and full setup instructions