Breast Feeding is Best for Babies

breastfeedingbaBreastfeeding gives babies the best start in life. Breastmilk gives them all the nutrients they need for the first six months of life and helps protect them.

Here are the things that you\’ll discover in this brand new book:

  • Getting Started With Breast Feeding
  • Why You Should Breast-Feed and It\’s Benefits
  • How Breast Milk Is Made
  • Your Nursing Area
  • Avoiding Foods While Breast Feeding
  • How To Choose A Breast Pump
  • How To Use A Breast Pump
  • The First Six Weeks
  • Breast Compression
  • Breast Feeding Adopted Babies
  • Breast Feeding And Jaundice
  • Breast Feeding And Positioning
  • Breast Feeding Complications
  • Breast Feeding In Public
  • Breast Feeding Toddlers
  • Engorged Breasts
  • Health And Diet
  • Low Supply Of Breast Milk
  • Other Foods While Breast Feeding
  • Poor Milk Supply
  • Refusal To Breast Feed
  • Returning To Work
  • Starting Solid Foods
  • Weaning From Breast Feeding

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