Weekly Writing Tips

52 Writing Tips. Weekly Tips to Improve Your Writing Skills!


Many new or upcoming authors have the same concerns and fears, but not to worry! Knowing where to find ideas and how to write good articles, blog posts, report and books can be totally frustrating.

You can easily spend hours trying to think of ways to come up with consist topics to write about.

The good thing is you don’t have to feel stuck anymore! You don’t have to think that if you weren’t born to write you can never write successfully. By using our new eBook you can easily become a better writer in a very short time period.

This eBook is packed with informational tips on how to become a better writer. You don’t have to do every tip in order either. Choose that ones that you feel would benefit you the most first and do those.

Then slowly add in the others. Before you know it your writing quality and quantity will have improved tenfold!

Topics Include:

  • Start Writing on a Daily Basis
  • Start Reading on a Daily Basis
  • Write in a Comfortable Place
  • Write for Your Audience
  • Use Complete Sentences
  • Research Your Topic
  • Use Current Events for Blog Posts
  • Create an Outline
  • Use a Mind Mapping Tool
  • Write in Short Spurts
  • Develop Compelling Headlines & Titles
  • Short Sentences Work Best for Online Content
  • Use a Friendly Tone of Voice When Writing on Your Blog
  • Write to Attract Attention
  • Include Lists and Step by Step Tutorials
  • Structure Your Content
  • Use Clear Language
  • Use Summaries
  • Include Images and Graphics
  • Make Use of White Space
  • Include a Call to Action
  • Write, Read, Edit, Proofread and then Repeat
  • Don’t be Scared to Cut & Rewrite
  • Voice Your Opinions
  • Keep a Notepad for Ideas
  • 2Start a Research or Idea Folder
  • Create Your Own Story Board
  • Use Article Templates
  • And so much more…

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