unisonAchieve Harmony Through Embracing The Truth With Love.

Unity produces an understanding connection between you and everybody else. You recognize you’re not an island unto yourself, and you start to notice that invisible threads connect you to other people. In some manner the recognition of unity is a blessing, while in different ways it’s a curse. It’s a blessing to recognize we’re all inherently attached. It’s a curse to observe that many individuals still live without this consciousness. As unity understandingly connects you to other people, it invites feelings of rich joy as well as rich sadness. When you take on its joy, you likewise take on its anguish.

When in a state of unity, you tune in to the pleasure as well as the sadness of the bigger picture, surpassing the lower level of awareness. Occasionally this state induces the loftiest feelings you may imagine, while at times it seems like being a pin cushion.

The reality aspect of unity determines the emotional affect. When you anticipate a favorable outcome for the overall picture and you feel that humanity is headed in a favorable direction, you feel fantastic.

If you anticipate a negative result, you feel intense sorrow as everyone is off course. You may never totally insulate yourself from the destiny of the humanity. Humanity’s victories are yours to celebrate; the errors are yours to sympathize with. It isn’t adequate to do the right things. To respect unity, you have to dedicate yourself to doing good.

The experience of unity is the key to conveying consideration and kindness. In that state of being, you feel an innate kinship for everybody else. Loving actions don’t demand self-control or effort when you realize that everybody is the same as you. You don’t have to prompt yourself to treat your neighbor as yourself. You understand that your neighbor and you are one, so acting in accordance with this is easy.

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