The Bulletproof Keto Diet – Video Upgrade

The old idea of eating a lot of fruits, starchy food and starchy vegetables is actually leads to inflammation; it increases the chances of developing certain types of cancer and it inflames the system so much that it can put people at risk of cardiovascular diseases.

The Bulletproof Keto Diet - Video Upgrade

By loading up on eggs, avocados, and other high-fat, low-carb foods, you can live healthier while losing weight on a sustainable basis. The key is achieving ketosis.

This step-by-step video course will show you the basics of a keto diet and how to maximize your chances of success. 

Topics covered:

  • How Does Weight Loss Normally Work?
  • The Standard American Diet and Why You Can’t Lose Weight
  • The Keto Alternative
  • Keep This in Mind Before You Start Your Keto Diet
  • Keto Diet Step Number 1: Displace, Do Not Replace
  • Keto Diet Meal Plan Strategies That Work
  • Wind Down on Carbs
  • Turbocharge Your Keto Lifestyle Results with These Following Tweaks
  • Take Things to The Next Level with This Modification
  • And much more!

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