Taking Command

takingcommandDevelop True Effectiveness In Every Area Of Your Life.

There’s only a single real authority in your life, and it’s you. You make the choices. You conduct the actions. If you’re looking for some external authority figure, leader, or guru to tell you how to live your life story, you’re searching in the wrong place. That person is you. Whether you feel prepared or not, you’re in charge.

In spite of what you might have been disciplined to believe, there’s no greater authority in this life than you—not your parents, your foreman, or your preferred God. If you believe anybody else has power over you, it’s only because you give in your authority on purpose.

Occasionally the results of not doing so are so grave that you might feel as though you’ve no choice, but really you always do. Even if threatened with harm or demise, you stay the commanding officer of your own life. A few of your selections might be exceedingly limited, but they’re forever yours to arrive at.

True authority doesn’t mean the unchecked exercise of power. A levelheaded commander doesn’t bark random orders and require them to be blindly obeyed. Authority must be rooted in reality and based on a precise assessment of the state of affairs.

You’re the one who comprehends your reality, and you have to choose how to behave (or not behave) based upon your perceptions. How you handle that data is up to you, and life expects your orders. You might feel well groomed, or you may feel unready, but the weight of command is yours regardless what.

Allow me to me clarify that there’s utterly nothing incorrect with living in a way that you believe honors your Almighty Creator, but this option has to be made freely and consciously. No honor is encountered in blind obedience.

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