How to Setup an Autoresponder Private Label Rights Video

An autoresponder is a program setup to send back a particular email message in response to an email that either mentions a particular topic in its subject line or is addressed to a particular user or alias name. Autoresponders can be used for some of the following purposes:

setup autoresponder

o send back information (on a vacation package, product, etc) if an email is sent in that mentions that product in its subject line.

o send back general infomation on your business if an email comes in addressed to ‘’.

Because Intersessions uses Procmail, an extremely flexible email processing program, two forms of autoresponders can be created and even combined. The first looks at the subject line of an incoming email. If the subject line matches your criteria then a responding text message is sent back. The second form looks at the “To:” address. If this address matches certain criteria a responding text message is sent back. This video tutorial explains in details.

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