Scheduled Widgets WordPress Plugin – eBook Course

Now You Can Quickly and Easily Schedule Automatic Updates to Your Sidebar, Footer, and Other Widgets for Dynamic Content That Keeps Visitors Interested and Coming Back for More!

scheduled widgets wordpress plugin

Now you can stop relying on sticky-note reminders and making time to log in to update your offers….

Finding Time to Change Out Your Sidebar Widgets Likely is not on Your To-Do List

Really, who has that kind of time to spare? You’ve got sales to make and content to write and websites to build.

But wouldn’t it be nice if you could have dynamic content in that prime spot just below the header?

Scheduled Widgets Makes it Easy to Change Your Sidebar Content.

Because it’s built for WordPress, you know you’ll get:

  • Super-simple installation – Just upload the zipped file right from your dashboard. Installation takes just seconds.
  • Intuitive controls – No new skills to learn – it works just like every other plugin.
  • No code to write – other widget control plugins require you to know php functions, but if you can point and click you can use this one.
  • Easy upgrades – so you can keep your site safe.
  • No scripts to deal with – so you don’t have to worry that readers won’t see your content.

Plus, because it works on any widget, you can use scheduling to…

  • Test-drive opt-in forms – Create a unique landing page and let Google track the stats while you sit back and relax.
  • Plan promotions for an upcoming release – yours or a product you’re an affiliate for.
  • Add polls to your site – find out what your readers REALLY want.
  • Run a one-day sale – just include the buy link in a text widget that’s scheduled to expire at midnight.
  • Add a coupon code to a sales page – and remove it automatically when it’s no longer valid.
  • Control content anywhere you can place a widget – on the sidebar, in the footer, on the home page, and even in the header.

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