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reality roadblocks

Eliminating The Obstacles From Achieving True Reality.

Mass medium companies get profits for the most part from ads, and for ads to be effective, you have to eventually purchase something—whether it is an automobile, a substance, or a meal. Individuals who carry an exact model of reality only purchase what they really want or require, so advertisers often market half-truths and straight-out false statements to hike up profits.

For instance, if a brewery may convince you that drinking intoxicants will make you appear popular or sexy, they may get more income than if they depict a more accurate picture of intoxicant consumption. In order to totally trust the info provided by a mass medium source, you have to be able to trust that the source won’t sacrifice the truth.

The issue with corporate-owned mass medium is that when there’s a battle between profit and reality, reality doesn’t always make headway.

The cumulative result of mass medium exposure is to train you to assume a false view of truth—one that maintains pro-advertiser values. The more you expose yourself to mainstream mass medium like TV, the more skewed your mental example of truth becomes.

Moreover, the more time you vest in mass medium consumption, the less time you invest in learning from straight experience. This is a route of long-term laziness, indifference, and decline, not sound reasoning.

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