Your Guide To Scuba Diving

yourguidescubThe Ocean – Our Most Unexplored Frontier!

Just as in outer space, there is a whole environment, or ecosystem, under the waters that cover 75% of our planet, with 70% of our planet being ocean waters.Beneath those waters there really is an entirely new world – a world full of beauty and mystery that few humans have the opportunity to experience. But the lucky few who do have the opportunity to experience this vast under water world are able to do so because they are scuba divers.

Obviously, human beings cannot breathe underwater, so instead, they rely on a portable respiratory system that is self contained. In fact, that is what the word Scuba means: Self Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus. This apparatus allows human beings to dive to depths that were once unthinkable, and to stay under the water for long periods of time, depending on
how full the air tank is. Different mixtures of gasses are used in the air tank, depending on the length and depth of the planned dive.

Forages into this underwater world have become increasingly popular, especially since Scuba diving equipment makes it so easy. Now, if there is an ocean nearby, you can bet there are scuba divers, scuba lessons, and scuba diving clubs in the vicinity as well. There are even scuba diving clubs that are not located near oceans. These clubs plan trips around the world to go scuba diving in different oceans!

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