Your Own Private Cloud Service For Free

Learn How To Set Up Your Own Personal Cloud Service On Your Computer!

Your Own Private Cloud Service For Free

Nowadays, cloud backup is very important especially if you are an online business owner, blogger or web developer. You don’t want you data loss when something bad happened to your computer right?

The fact is that hosting your files or saving your file to the cloud also has the disadvantage that your data may be leaked or shared to others. To that, you don’t have the control of your data.

The good news is that hosting your own cloud server is very easy to do and this will eventually give you peace of mind to not your data get security-compromised. And that’s what this video tutorial is all about.

Here is just some of what you will learn:

  • How to install the required software
  • How to set up the virtual machine
  • How to organize your cloud service
  • How to set up network access
  • How to set up internet access
  • How to set up cloud accounts for others.
  • and much more…..

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