Go High Ticket

Secrets of Creating High Ticket Products for Your Back-End Funnel!

Having high ticket products to sell is what differentiates 6 figure and even 7 figure marketers from small time business owners who make a 5 figure annual income. And would it surprise you that it is possible to pull off successful high ticket products without earning the glamorous title of a guru? Many non-gurus have proven it, and Go High Ticket has them all.

In This Course, You Will Learn:

  • How to unlock the untapped profits beyond your Front-End product – this is where most of the money is REALLY, REALLY made!
  • How to make your customers willingly part thousands of dollars with little or no rejection, or complain about the price tag!
  • How to get high ticket customers – it takes more trust before someone is willing to give a chunk of their hard earned money to you. But here’s how you can quickly and easily get high ticket customers without being a well-known guru (because that can take years!)
  • Generating high ticket customers – 3 ways you can go about doing it starting today.
  • 4 high ticket examples and profit ideas – don’t know what to offer for a high ticket back-end to your front-end products? Leverage on these proven ideas for your own!
  • Addressing over-promise, under-deliver concerns: learn how to remove yourself from the system and free your time while making more money with less effort!

And much more!

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