Overcoming Seasonal Anxiety Master Resell Rights eBook

overcoming seasonal anxiety

For those of us already suffering from anxiety, the holiday season presents its own special challenges. Typically, anxiety increases during this time as the weight of expectation and seemingly endless ‘to do’ list combine to provoke or intensify symptoms.

Even for people who have not been diagnosed with a pre-existing anxiety disorder, the prospect of Thanksgiving, Christmas and the host of other celebrations that occur around this time can bring on a first attack.

This is especially true if there are other stressors already in place which, combined with the particular conditions caused by these festivities, result in an overload on an already fraught nervous system. The good news is that there are techniques which you can use to ward off or lessen the impact of an anxiety attack.

In this report you will learn how to both recognise and manage symptoms of seasonal anxiety. You will find out the best ways to cope in otherwise stressful family and social situations and you will come away equipped with knowledge and exercises that will enable you to successfully deal with anxiety at any time of year.

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