The Mozart Effect – Harnessing The Power Of Baroque

themozarteffectThe Mozart Effect came about thanks to Dr. Alfred Tomatis’ research. He analyzed the effects of Mozart’s music on children who suffer from communication and speech disorders.

Thanks to Dr. Tomatis’ findings the term Mozart Effect was coined; in its basic description it signifies the transformational power of music in education, well-being and health.

Since the Mozart Effect became known as a special method to deal with cognitive education for small children and those who suffer from disorders such as dyslexia, autism, ADD, mental disorders, listening disorders, injuries and physical disorders much has been said and written about the term.

To-date the academic world is torn between results of the research that has gone into the Mozart Effect since its inception. While some researchers found it to be based on truth, others dismissed it as hearsay after doing extensive testing themselves. You’ll learn more about either side of the argument within the scope of this eBook to help you understand both sides.

Mozart’s distinctive Baroque music is used to soothe the mind, induce sleep and relaxation, reduce depression, anxiety and stress, improve awareness and memory and awaken the body.

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