Low-Ticket Profits

lowticketprofiWho else wants to discover how to create and sell small $10 products and sell truck-loads of them?

Low-ticket products are the easiest to sell because your prospects hardly need to think twice about making a buying decision.

This special report will detail:

  • The types of low-ticket products you can produce. I’ll share 16 types of products you can create.
  • How to write a salesletter for your low-ticket item
  • What is a low-ticket item? What is the difference between a low-ticket item and a high-ticket item?
  • Why giving a lot of value in your low-ticket item produces more profits in the long run.
  • Why you should price your low-ticket item as low as possible — even if you think its value is worth a lot more.
  • An easy way to find out what price you should price your own low-ticket product.
  • Why you need a balance of both low and high-ticket items
  • The advantages of selling low-ticket items
  • Why “volume” is important for the life of your business.
  • How low-ticket items create “viral traffic” for your business, and how it will bring you more customer without much more effort.
  • Using the concept of “sampling” for bigger profits.
  • How low-ticket products helps establish a solid and positive report with your customers.
  • Developing your own “bread and butter” low-ticket items for maximum profits
  • ┬ámuch, much more!

As you can see, you’ll be increasing your knowledge to another level with the information provided in this special report.

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