PayPal Resources – Master Resale Rights eBook

paypal resources

The following report will provide an extensive overview of online resources and information for online marketers regarding the fundamentals of PayPal. PayPal Resources can be a lucrative source of revenue for online businesses.

Inside this report, you will also learn valuable techniques on how to really utilize the maximum power of Paypal through the list of various copywriting resources like blog posts, forum thread, paid products, video tutorials and the likes.

Below are some of the things you will learn;

  1. Understanding Online Payments by PayPal
  2. How To Add Ecommerce To Your Business Website Using PayPal
  3. How To Issue a PayPal Refund
  4. How to Setup Non Profit PayPal Account 501c3
  5. Introduction to PayPal Subscriptions for Developers (IPN, PDT and API)
  6. How to Get a PayPal Business Account (for Free)
  7. How to make a PayPal payment without a PayPal account
  8. And much much more…

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