Complete Set of Kindle Cheat Sheets – Personal Use

Complete Set Of Kindle Cheat Sheets That Will Give You The Professional Edge!

complete set kindle cheat sheets

If you are serious about your online career, you will at some point out a kindle eBook. It’s quick, easy and fun to do.

You will also find many of your members and customers also drawn to write a Kindle book. So if that is the case, why not grab this set of Kindle Publishing Cheat Sheets, for eCovers, Kindle and KDP.

Everything will make more sense when you have the basic hard facts in fron of you in one product.

Cheat Sheets will give oyu that pro-edge!

  • Quick and Easy to Follow
  • Basic Guidelines up to date June 2013
  • Sell more books with aweson eCovers
  • Use KDP to your advantage
  • Edit the cheat sheets and send to your customers with your name as the author

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License: Personal Use Rights
Date Added: June 18, 2013
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