Instant Social Image Plugin

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Instant Social Image Plugin

How many times have you heard that ‘Content is king’? It’s a pretty common statement, but the truth is, content isn’t as powerful as it once was.

Sure, it used to be king, back in the early days of the Internet when everyone was on dial up and text – which loaded fast – was the only thing we could get.

Today, though, it’s a whole new world. Connections are fast, attention spans are short, and your readers are demanding more than just words. They want videos and audio and lots and lots of pictures.

Aside from offering your readers new and engaging ways to consume your content by providing video and audio options, images are increasingly becoming ‘must have’ items for every blog post.

In fact, the point about Pinterest should be enough to get you in the habit of using ‘pinnable’ images in every blog post you write. It really doesn’t matter what market you’re in or even if you’re a Pinterest user yourself.

The fact is, people reading your blog are pinning your articles for future reading, and their followers are getting their very first introduction to your blog via Pinterest.

Instant Social Image offers an incredibly simple and fast way for you to create stunning, sharable images right from your WordPress dashboard.

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