The Internet Marketing Playbook

The Internet Marketing Playbook (40 page report) is a beginner’s guide to getting started making money from home.


If you’re an inexperienced “newbie”, this will give you an overview on Internet Marketing and make sure you have solid understanding of what/where/why/and how! There are no secrets or tricks these are proven methods that work.

Here’s what you’ll be getting:

  • The 40-Page Report – Designed as a primer to give you a background understanding of the subject, The Internet Marketing Playbook Report gives you a picture of the past, present & future of Internet Marketing.
  • Free Distribution Rights – You will also be able to distribute this Report to your own lists, site visitors and Blog readers, use it as a bonus to your products, upload it to membership sites, etc.
  • This Opt-In List-Building Page! – You will also be given a copy of this very page, so you can build your own opt-in list by giving away The Internet Marketing Playbook Report!
  • Internet Marketing E-Zine! – You will also receive valuable marketing information by e-mail every few days, helping you become more of an expert in the field!

Discover in this report:

  • Total control over your life, business, and your Finances.
  • Choosing the correct or proper niche market
  • Working with information based products
  • Knowing how to match your niche with the proper Product
  • Lead generation marketing and how to do it correctly
  • Knowing how, where, and why to advertise
  • Knowing how to make sure your profits never come to an end

And much more!

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