Home Page Randomizer

Here’s A Quick And Easy Way To Make Your Website Look Fresh And Vibrant Automatically – Without You Needing To Do Any Regular Site Updates!


You probably know that in order to keep visitors and search engines coming back to your site again and again, you need a regularly updated site.

But you probably don’t want the hassle of doing all those regular updates. Home Page Randomizer solves this problem by using a special ‘sneaky trick’.

Instead of a conventional static home page, you have a home page that changes each day. Every day, one of the ordinary pages of your site is chosen as the home page.

So if you have a site with 20 article pages, then the home page will show one article page as the home page each day, in a 20-day cycle.

Any visitors and search engines returning to the site will see different home page content each time they visit, giving the impression of a vibrant, regularly updated site – but without any ongoing effort from you.

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