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An Open Letter To Anyone Serious About Making Money Online: Underground Marketer Reveals How You Or Anyone Can Make Passive Profits From Google’s Latest Invention!

Google has done it again! And I’m serious when I say that Google actually wants you to make money, and the 800 pound gorilla of the Internet is going an extra mile or two to help you achieve that! More on that in awhile…

You see, this is one of the best things Google has done so far and ordinary folks like you and me will profit a lot from this newfound opportunity (however you need to ACT quick before more and more people catch onto it!)

People offering help through Helpouts are called Providers. You can work as a company, a team or even an individual. You can pretty much offer your Helpout session on just about any topic – be it Cooking, Fashion, Business Advice, Tech stuff . . . as long as people are looking for it, you can be in business!

So if you’re a consultant, working from home, or heck just admit it… you’re simply looking for ways to share your knowledge and get paid… Then this is your ticket!

This is a consultation business so your time is a precious commodity. So you will want to make as much money as you can from your efforts while reducing the risks of dealing with unwanted, non-targeted clients.

Below are the information that you will immediately get:

  • Video 01 – What Is Google Helpouts?
  • Video 02 – How To Sign Up For An Account With Google Helpouts
  • Video 03 – How To Register A Helpouts Account (For Non-US)
  • Video 04 – How To Write An Attractive Providers Listing
  • Video 05 – How To Get Your Listing Approved
  • Video 06 – Scheduling Your Availability For Clients
  • Video 07 – How To Build Your Ratings Quickly
  • Video 08 – How To Structure Your Helpout Session
  • Video 09 – How To Make More Money From Your Helpout Sessions
  • Video 10 – How To Get Clients
  • Video 11 – Dealing With Difficult People

Video 12 – The Game Plan To Make Your Helpouts Business Profitable!

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