Google Trends Traffic Magnet – Personal Use Rights eBook

Now You Can Re-Optimize Your Whole Blog For The Latest Trending Keyword In Your Niche Every Week In A Matter Of Minutes!

google trends traffic magnet

In this course I am going to start off by telling you all about Google trends, why you should be using, how to use the plug-in coupled with the information from the site and more importantly how to monetize it.

We are also going to look at how to buy domains for trending topics and how to quickly find content and monetize trending topics.

One thing you have to remember is a lot of trending topics have short life spans, here today gone tomorrow, five minute wonder, we have all heard those sayings, well they are definitely true with Google trends.

So you have to be careful with Google Trends as you should not invest too much time and effort into trends that will not last, quick Google Trends Magnet trends are good if you are one of the first to market it and it has a shelf life of more than a few weeks.