Getting The Perfect Job

gettingperfectjOnce you have already defined what the perfect job is to you it’s time to begin looking for positions that meet those requirements. The way you do that is by putting all of your attributes together and connecting them with available positions.

You want to be realistic when you take this step and not try to find the job that includes every attribute on your list. What you want to do is find something that closely matches what you perceive to be the perfect job rather than trying to find something that has everything you want.

One of the problems many people run across when they are looking for the perfect job is expecting too much. For example, you may feel you are worth $30,000 as an experienced administrative assistant but there may not be available positions to support that.

Be willing to accept less than what you want in order to get into the position of your dreams. That does not mean you have to take something you do not really want but you do want to leave some leeway for compromise.

In order to make the right decision you want to look at the list you have made of attributes you seek in a job. If you have not already done so, identify them by importance. There will always be some things that you absolutely must have and others than are negotiable. When you are in the process of identifying what is the perfect job for you never identify only those factors that are absolutely necessary – always leave room for negotiation.

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