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getting your guy

Are you about ready to give up on getting the guy of your dreams? Have you become convinced that there are no good guys out there?

Would you be interested in hearing what makes a guy interested in a girl – from a guy’s perspective? Instead of talking to your girlfriends about guys, maybe it would help to hear the guy’s side of the story.

Getting Your Guy” is just the resource you’re looking for. There are plenty of good guys out there, but maybe you could use some friendly advice on how to attract them – and keep them around.

But before you think about how to attract a guy, it’s a good idea to determine if you’re really ready for a relationship. It’s not a simple question, and this eBook will give you some helpful tips in making this decision.
Let’s say that you’re ready for a relationship. So what do you do now? “Getting Your Guy” will give you invaluable advice on attracting a great guy, such as:

  • What is attractive to guys (it’s not what you think)
  • How to avoid wasting time on the wrong guy
  • How to tell if he’s the right one for you
  • How to avoid scaring him or pushing him away
  • Why self-confidence is attractive
  • What to do after the first date
  • And many more tips than we have time to discuss.

Don’t give up on attracting a good guy! You really can find the right one for you – if you know how to attract him to you.

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