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ebook publishing secrets

E-books are taking the bookselling business by storm, transforming the way we buy books, read them, and even share them with our friends and family. While there will always be a place in our lives for physical books we can hold in our hands, the e-book is increasingly becoming the preferred method of delivering content to the widest possible audience.

People are reading e-books on more devices and in more contexts than booksellers ever experienced in the past. The demand for e-books appears to be insatiable.

But as you have may have discovered, even with all the information online about how to make money selling e-books, very few people are doing it successfully. They just don’t know how.

E-book Publishing Secrets” will show you the ins and outs of succeeding in this difficult market. You’ll learn how to determine the right goal, format, and reading device to target.

You’ll also discover the quickest and best way to handle a very important aspect of the business model: processing the payment. This is the most challenging part for most people trying to sell e-books.

Get the information that you need to start selling your own e-book and discover the prestige and status of being recognized as a published author. No matter what your goals are for publishing e-books, “E-book Publishing Secrets” will show you what you need to know to get started today.

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