Conflict Management 2014

People who are able to manage conflicts in a better way have similar personality traits. These include having integrity, charisma and being credible. Plus they have strong leadership skills.


A good manager or management team will be proficient at communicating the company’s position and expectations. When this communication falters, conflict normally arise.

This happens for the simple reason that employees are confused about what is expected of them. When rules and working terms are clearly defined, less confusion results with minimal conflicts.

So this means that the leaders and managers in any company need to possess good management and communication skills. They need to be adept at managing people and defining their role within the company.

Not everyone handles conflicts in the same way, and this applies to employees and leaders. Some people try to diffuse a conflicting circumstance by adding humour to the situation, others may tend to walk away or avoid those involved instead.

Below are some of its contents:

  • Are Your Expectations Causing Conflicts
  • Compliance or Conflict
  • Conflict Management for Managers and Supervisors
  • Conflict Management for Managers and Supervisors
  • Dealing with Conflict at Work
  • Dealing with Conflicts at School
  • How Do You Rate Your Conflict Management Skills
  • How to Manage a Conflict
  • Leadership and Conflict Management Skills
  • Should Every Conflict Be Resolved
  • Understanding Conflict Management

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