Commission Heist

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Commission Heist

Right about here is where you would normally expect to find some hyped up, BS-fueled sales pitch for a lame-ass, WordPress plugin. Or perhaps a big font, fluff filled ‘book’ that claims to contain the holy grail of  ‘commission making’ that turns out to be nothing more than an explanation of how to create a freaking Clickbank account.

The guide book that comes with Commission Heist is not well written it’s full of rants, spelling mistakes and bad language and it makes the assumption that you’ve at least half a brain and don’t need to be told how to become an affiliate by visit this link kinda crap.

Commission Heist is a simple yet incredibly powerful affiliate marketing strategy that we’ve proven over and over to deliver 50-100% higher conversions that pretty much every other strategy that has been tested.

Price: $3.95
Product Type: WordPress Plugins
License: Personal Use Rights
Date Added: July 23, 2014
File Size: 4.4MB
Category: WP Plugins

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