Branding Blueprint Conversions

Finally, Discover Branding Blueprint Conversions that will show you how to create your attention getting brand … Starting Today!

Branding Blueprint Conversions

As you know, creating the correct brand – the correct logos, the correct design, the correct colors can make or break your brand because it is targeted towards a very specific audience or very specific demographic that has a specific thought towards what they want as far as product and service and then will associate that with your brand, whether it’s positive or whether it’s negative.

Obviously we want to make sure that you create a positive experience with your brand. So, those are things just to think about as you are creating your brand.

Inside this video series, you are about to learn the following information:

  • Video #1: Introduction to Branding Blueprint Conversions
  • Video #2: Personal Branding vs. Company Branding
  • Video #3: Invoke Emotions
  • Video #4: Name Creation
  • Video #5: Color Psychology
  • Video #6: Company Colors
  • Video #7:  Color Themes
  • Video #8: Custom Logo Creation
  • Video #9: Custom Mascot Creation

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