Becoming The Perfect Chef

becomingperfectchefOne of the markets of a great chef, as opposed to a good chef, is their understanding of the food. Many professional chef fall in love with one or more specific types of foods. They become passionate about the quality and history of that food. They may spend countless days and nights learning the history, the spices and the overall best way to perfect these recipes. This is great passion.

How does a great chef handle those picky eaters? It could be your child or even an adult. There is no question that it can be very frustrating to spend hours over the stove preparing a meal only to find out that the individual it is being made for does not like one or more f the ingredients in the meal. The first step is to realize this is not an insult to you, the chef. Rather, it is an opportunity for you to strike out and impress the individual as well as your other guests.

Perhaps the most physically demanding part of being in the kitchen is having the stamina to remain on your feet. Even if you do get a lunch break, chances are good you will be on your feet for a full nine hours a day, or more. Back muscles, legs and overall physical conditioning is required to strengthen your body enough to actually see promise. You may find yourself exhausted after a few hours if you have not built up to this level.

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