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articlewritinTurn Words Into Traffic:

Writing articles and submitting them to free article directories is one of the most effective methods for promoting a business. By writing articles, you can brand yourself as an expert, advertise for free through your resource boxes, boost your sales, increase your profits, promote affiliate programs, boost your page rank and get more traffic to your website. Read these tips if you want to turn your words into traffic.

First Paragraph:

In the first paragraph, you should explain what the article is about. Make sure the information is clear and you should offer a solution to a problem. You can use shocking facts to engage your reader. In addition, the content should be interesting and it should inspire curiosity. Please note that the first paragraph is very important and it should be unique. If your articles are too similar to other articles, people are not going to read them.

Short Paragraphs:

Next, it is important that you break up your text into paragraphs because it is easier to digest. You should create short paragraphs because they are easier to follow. Use 4-5 sentences for each paragraph. You can use subheads for each paragraph if you like.

Use The Active Voice:

In addition, you should always use the active voice. Start sentences with action verbs, and cut out unnecessary wording. Avoid repeating points that you have already discussed. The active voice is easier to read and it engages the reader.

Valuable Information:

In addition, you should provide readers with valuable information. No one likes to read a boring article, and people don’t like to read articles that contain information that they have read a million times. Do research if you need to, and make sure you provide valuable insight and information that most people do not already know. Don’t be too vague with your articles and give people all the details for your topic.

Proofread Carefully:

Additionally, you need to proofread your articles carefully. Grammar mistakes look unprofessional and they will annoy your readers. Check for accurate spelling, punctuation and word choice. Make sure the facts you offer are accurate and check them if you need to.

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