The Art Of Money Getting

theartmoneygettThe Art of Money Getting is simply good old fashioned timeless advice from a true creative genius who lived at a time when horse hockey didn’t get but a mere fraction of the attention we’re so hopelessly obsessed with today.

After a wonderful career in which he made and lost vast fortunes, and used his genius, wit, charm and eloquence to captivate the hearts and minds of Kings and Queens one of the (if not THE) All Time Greatest Showman and Marketers in Earth’s History finally decided to reveal his personal secrets for accumulating vast sums of wealth.

Moreover, he does so in a manner so down to earth practical, that quite literally anyone with a burning desire to succeed can follow his program and become truly wealthy.

This timeless wisdom from the late 1800’s is both funs to read and still every bit relevant today as the day it was written.

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