WordPress Basics For 2014

Eleven professional videos that cover the basics of using WordPress in 2014!

If you want to build a website, using the self-hosted WordPress is the best step you should go into.

This is because the software is very user-friendly, fun to use and most search engines love WordPress.

If you are new to creating blogs or websites, then the video series inside will give you the whole details on how to do it correctly.

Inside are the following information that you will immediately learn:

  • Video 1. Getting Started With WordPress
  • Video 2. Installing WordPress Quickly
  • Video 3. Configure WordPress Easily
  • Video 4. Introduction To Plugins
  • Video 5. Installing Plugins
  • Video 6. Adding Pages and Posts
  • Video 7. Adding Pictures and Videos
  • Video 8. Introduction To Themes
  • Video 9. How To Use Widgets
  • Video 10. Using WordPress Menus
  • Video 11. Setup A Simple WordPress Site

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