Website Gymnastics – eBook with Personal Use Rights

The Art Of Flipping Websites! Your Complete Guide for Getting Started and Making Money Online!

website gymnastics

Do you find the idea of building and flipping websites appealing? Well many online marketers do and they currently make thousands a month with this business model.

So what do you need to get started to set up your own Flipping Websites business?

This report Flipping Websites covers all the basics that you will need to get started. It covers the approximate costs, tools and resources which you will require.

There is even a detailed section on how to transfer the files for the website once sold.

This easy to read report outlines everything you need to get started and profiting from building and flipping websites.

Topics Include:

  • Introduction
  • Getting Started with Flipping Websites
  • Expected Costs
  • Tools Required to Set Up Your Business
  • Method 1 ├▒ Buying an Existing Site
  • Where to Buy Existing Sites?
  • Method Two – Building Your Own Websites
  • Getting Started
  • Where to Find Content for Your Site
  • Outsourcing Your Websites
  • Plugins
  • Ready to Sell – Writing Your Listing
  • Additions to Increase Your Sales
  • How to Transfer Your Site and Domain Name
  • Wrapping it All Up
  • Recap

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