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Webinar Fever” makes you the webinar ninja in your local market! Tap secrets revealed here to capture a lion’s share of the business in your market.

webinar fever

There are 16 Videos in “Webinar Fever” Package:

Video 1 – View from 30,000 Feet

  • General overview of Webinars, how to use them, and the general direction of this techology.

Video 2 – The Meeting Webinar

  • Boost production in your business for higher profits.
  • Make it possible for everyone in your ogranization to participate in brainstorming sessions.
  • Achieve substantial cost savings at the same time you increase the number and quality of meetings, with better attendance than you ever had with live meetings.
  • Clients out of town? That’s not a problem when you have a private, virtual meeting room.

Video 3 – The Training Webinar

  • Learn the “Rule of 3s” for profitable sales presentations.
  • Reach more people, make more sales online.

Video 5 – Set Up GoTo Webinar Part 1

  • Learn easy setup for the most popular live Webinar platform.

Video 6 – Set Up Go To Webinar Part 2

  • Review your setup.
  • Configure email follow-up messages.

Video 7 – Live Webinar Planning Checklist

  • Video covers major features of live Webinar platforms.

Video 8 – Choose a Live Webinar Provider

  • Overview of live Webinar providers.

Video 9 – Webex – The Gold Standard in Webinars

  • Webex is rolling out a new Webinar service.

Video 10 – The Evergreen Webinar

  • Set Up an automated Webinar in Instant Customer.
  • Connect autoresponders for alerts – email, SMS, direct-to-voicemail.

Video 11 – The Evergreen Webinar Checklist

  • Evergreen Webinar features simulate live Webinars

Video 12 – Presentation Tools

  • Overview of tools to create presentations for Webinars.

Video 13 – Mind Maps Part 1

  • This video centers on mind mapping for organizing thoughts and visual presentations.

Video 14 – Mind Maps Part 2

  • Here’s a more fun and colorful approach to mind mapping.

Video 15 – PowerPoint Presentations

  • PowerPoints give you a wide range of options working with text and graphics and animation.

Video 16 – Creating Your Own Whiteboard

You can use resources you already have to build a Webinar whiteboard.

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