Twitter Friends Widget

Twitter Friends Widget – a “simple to use” software that will generate the “extremely easy to install” code on your own website which will enable you to display pictures of your Twitter followers, those who follow you, or even your Twitter Friends (those who you follow).

twitter friends widget

You can then embed the resulting code on your website pages or even in your blog sidebars or even your footer bars. You can even set it to show their latest tweets if you’d like it to.

With Twitter Friends Widget, you’ll enjoy all the following features:

  • Show your latest Twitter Friends and Followers with custom animation.
  • Display your profile and total count of your friends and followers.
  • Display your friends’ or followers’ latest tweets.
  • Instead of linking a picture to your friend’s twitter page, you can link it to his/her home page.
  • And much more!

The Twitter Friends Widget is a very flexible software/script application and can fit nicely into different layouts, or themes, simply by adjusting the number of visible pictures and its applicable dimensions.

Price: $2.95
Product Type: Software
License: Master Resale Rights
Date Added: August 31, 2013
File Size: 0.24MB
Category: Software and Applications

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