The Psychology of Motivation – Video

When you enter a certain mental and emotional state, it seems like all you can do is produce lots of your best stuff. It doesn’t matter what’s going on around you. This is called your state of flow.

The Psychology of Motivation - Video

A lot of people think that as long as they focus on their state of flow or they think about it or they kick around the idea in their head that it will overcome them somehow some way.

It doesn’t work that way. You’re missing a key ingredient. 

You’re missing motivation.

This video course will show you how you can live more effective and purposeful life and learn how to get motivated on command.

Topics covered:

  • Focus on Practical Goals
  • The Problem with States of Flow
  • Stoking Motivation, the Right Way
  • The Five Pillars of Sustainable Motivation
  • Focus on Your Purpose
  • Focus on What You Stand to Lose
  • Get motivated by daily micro-victories
  • Turn to Others When You Begin to Slow Down
  • Mentally Standardize Your State of Flow and Call It Into Mind

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